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How to choose a costume for a big and tall man

big and tall menBig and tall men have a chance to become more visually slim if they know the secrets of special clothing choices. It is important to remember that the appearance of creating a seemingly minor details as how to choose a costume, focusing only on the fitting, will not work.

First of all, full of men recommended to wear a vest - a method of "directs" the whole silhouette vertically. Very appropriate vertical stripes on a dark fabric colors. Before you choose a classic cut suit, make sure that the selected model is not wide lapels and cuffs. More often it is silhouette model suggests how to choose the right suit - all horizontal elements only enhance the completeness of the figures.

Before you pick a tie to the suit should remember once again rule the vertical lines. Narrow tie in this case will not work. So how to choose a shirt under a striped suit better monotonous, you need to choose a model with a rather narrow collar.

It should also think about how to pick shoes to suit for the full men. Massive shoes with rounded toes visually add a few pounds, so it's best to choose a more elegant model.