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How to choose a costume for a big and tall man

big and tall menBig and tall men have a chance to become more visually slim if they know the secrets of special clothing choices. It is important to remember that the appearance of creating a seemingly minor details as how to choose a costume, focusing only on the fitting, will not work.

First of all, full of men recommended to wear a vest - a method of "directs" the whole silhouette vertically. Very appropriate vertical stripes on a dark fabric colors. Before you choose a classic cut suit, make sure that the selected model is not wide lapels and cuffs. More often it is silhouette model suggests how to choose the right suit - all horizontal elements only enhance the completeness of the figures.

Before you pick a tie to the suit should remember once again rule the vertical lines. Narrow tie in this case will not work. So how to choose a shirt under a striped suit better monotonous, you need to choose a model with a rather narrow collar.

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7 ways to hide the extra weight when taking pictures of overweight people

The first thing that comes to mind when the extra weight in the photo is striking - open and run Photoshop filter "plastic." However, for a professional photographer this way is ineffective because any person can take a picture of the full, so that in the picture he or she will look slimmer than in real life. So today we'll talk about how to hide the flaws. I tried to collect in this article all the basic principles.

1. Telephoto lens. To avoid distortion of the proportions of the body, use a telephoto lens with a focal length of 3.3 inch.

2. Close-up. The smaller features will be in frame shape, the better. The easiest way to avoid this - take close-ups. Avoid growth portraits. You should begin with the photos on the belt, going to the breast and facial portraits. The advantage of close-ups also in the fact that their customers are very fond of. 75% of the photos in the final ordering of many photographers - is facial and chest portraits.

3. Painting light. To hide figure flaws, the model is better to turn away from the main light source. First, the half-turn - the best angle to shoot people with excess weight, and secondly, at the turn of the figure will be in the shade, which further hide its flaws. As a result of such a twist face will also be in the shadow pattern so to face the light without turning the housing body.

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T-Shirt "Life Style" up to 12xl

T-Shirt "Life Style" up to 12xlModern Looking Shirt with big print on the chest! For those who want more than basic designs! Perfekt for sport and free-time activities! High wearing comfort in 12xl Store-Quality! Available in 3xl,4xl,5xl,6xl,7xl,8xl,10xl,12xl New! up to 12xl! Fabrics: 100% Cotton   How Is My T-Shirt Made? The T-shirt begins as an idea. A team of designers determines the color, fit, and—most relevant to our interests—the fabric of your top. The world’s cotton demand has doubled since the 1960s, with 90 percent of harvested cotton getting spun into apparel.

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Harem pants for men are great for plus-size figures as well

Wearing a battle with excess weight can genuinely be a downer for most of us, even males. Whenever a man stops feeling desirable, he will eventually quit looking interesting. And that`s when difficulties occur. Let`s point out both you and your husband are asked to a more conventional party, or perhaps a casual one, does not really matter. If you don't have a word to say on his physical appearance, I don`t think he will attempt to look good simply for the sake of others, not to mention himself. That's the time when you've got to motivate your life partner and attempt to make him feel good about himself via clothes. As superficial as this may appear, it`s been shown and garments and eventually fashion does not exist just in the interest of fabricating garments. They are present to make the typical guy convey something about his character and consequently make a declaration about himself via them. Below are great tips concerning how to make your man look dashing in harem pants for men. To begin with, when you`re searching for harem pants for men there are several recommendations which you ought to follow to be able to avoid a catastrophe. Look for simple and dim colors, such as dark brown or dark. Everybody knows that dark and dim colors generally make a person seem much slimmer. It`s insufficient just admitting it, you must put it in practice too. Trousers don`t just appear in various shades, they also are available in different designs and designs which can either make you look wonderful or not. The basic principles about fabrics is to steer clear of stripes in general, I understand it`s been postulated that horizontal ones could make you look bigger, but I believe wither way lines make you look massive.

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Plus size model holds record for world's largest hips at 8 feet round


Mikel Ruffinelli, of Los Angeles, Calif., boasts the world’s biggest hips — measuring more than eight feet round.

The mother of four’s amazing natural 100-inch curves mean she struggles to get through doorways — and needs two seats on planes.

Mikel, 39, drives a truck because her more than 400-pound frame cannot squeeze into a car; she also needs a reinforced chair at home.  Yet the plus-size model – only 140 pounds as a teenager — is proud of her figure and does not want to lose weight, even though she often attracts jeers.

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